TP Toys Bubble Bouncer Review

All monsters love bouncing about like Tigger don’t they? Both Monster and his lovely cousin Monster Boo certainly  do and with enough energy  between them to fuel a rocket ship we were delighted when TP Toys sent them their funky looking Bubble Bouncer to review.

The TP Toys Bubble Bouncer is a small indoor trampoline suitable for monsters aged 12 months  up to 20kg and with the monsters doing their best Tigger impressions we were excited to get the toy out of its box even if I was dreading popping it together.

Once out of the box I was absolutely delighted to see that the Bubble Bouncer was pretty much ready to go, I simply had to pull up the strong handle and click it into place and the bouncing could commence.

It was fab to see that the Bubble Bouncer is a really sturdy toy that it easy on the eye and wouldn’t look out of place in even the most stylish front room. Developed to help improve balance, strength and co-ordination the indoor trampoline is not only pretty to look at but a whole lot of fun too and from the giggles escaping the little tike’s mouths fun was most definitely at the forefront of their minds. Whilst the boys burned off their excess energy Mummy Amy and I enjoyed kicking back with a cuppa and catching up on the gossip.

The Bubble Bouncer is made of durable plastic that is built to last the destructive hands of toddling terrors which is always good to note. Whilst I was admiring how safe this little trampoline looked mummy Amy was worrying about her newly laid flooring so we took a good look at the feet of the Bubble Bouncer and discovered that they are covered by special foam protective covering which protects the floor whilst ensuring that it stays firmly in place even when the boys seem to be bouncing that hard that they are trying to give an Olympic gymnast a run for their money.

When it came to packing the Bubble Bouncer away I was really happy to see that it folded fairly flat. Just press the button and fold the handle down onto the trampoline bed and it’s ready to pop into storage- in my case that means behind the sofa as I don’t quite trust the little man not to get up and hunt it down if I leave it in his bedroom!

Whilst admittedly there isn’t too much given in the strongly woven trampoline bed but then again how high do you want your precious toddling bundle to jump?

The monsters seem to really enjoying bouncing about of the TP Toys Bubble Bouncer however at 26 months they are reaching the top end of the recommended weight limit but for now they are having fun and giggles and us mummy monsters are enjoying some lovely peace and quiet!

Priced at £39.99 the TP Toys Bubble Bouncer is available to purchase from TPToys

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