The Deep in Hull Review

There are very few blogging events ‘up North’ for us Northern bloggers so I was delighted when Blogs Up North put out the invite for a family day trip to The Deep in Hull.

This was our first ever Blogs Up North event and it was lovely to meet Laura from Tired Mummy of Two, Nadine from Juggle Mum and Tami from Mummy of Two.

We only live about 45 minutes from The Deep, the world’s only submarium, however the last time we visited Monster was only about 9 months so I was excited to see how much the pretty aquarium had changed.

Featuring over 6500 fish and marine animals along with lots of interactive stations The Deep offers plenty of opportunities for learning and developing  and whilst at 2 ½ some of these were a little tool advanced for the little man Nana, Grandad and I thought that they were well worth a look.

There are quite a few tanks within the building, most of which are an ideal height for toddlers and young children to be able to peek in with ease making it a lovely experience for the whole family.

Whilst there was plenty to look at Monster absolutely loved the huge three story high gigantic tank which was home huge rays, green sawfish and not to mention a whole host of sharks. The tiny terror absolutely loved  watching the huge creatures swim right in front of his little eyes and sat still for a good 10 minutes and believe me that is completely unheard of.

The Aquarium also features a small soft play area, perfect for under 5’s to let of some much need steam, but the thing I loved about it was its centralised location. All the way around the edges of the play area were small tanks along with interactive stations which would be great for keeping older siblings entertained whilst the little ones play.

Other lovely features of The Deep included a glass viewing tunnel where the larger fish and sharks could swim right over your head along with a fab glass bubble style lift which rose slowly up the side of the huge tank making it feel like you’re right in there with the fishes.

We had a really nice time at The Deep admittedly it isn’t the hugest aquarium, a couple of hours is certainly long enough to take it all in, however the tanks are clean and well looked after  and the building itself was an ideal size for toddlers to wander around without the need for a pushchair.

Admission to The Deep is priced at £10.75 per adult and £8.75 for Monsters aged 3-15 years but the best bit is that you can convert them to a yearly pass completely free of charge allowing you to go back as many times as you like.

We will certainly be re visiting The Deep in a few months’ time and can’t wait to meet the new additions to the aquarium in the form of a new family of penguins!

Thanks Blogs Up North and The Deep for a great visit.

2 thoughts on “The Deep in Hull Review

  1. Mummy of Two says:

    Was lovely to meet you too :) Hope to see you at another Oooop North event soon :)

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