Lunchtime Blog Tour

I am absolutely delighted to be taking part in my first ever Book Blog Tour especially as the book on tour is the nlovley Rebecca Cobbs book entitled Lunchtime. Since we first reviewed Lunchtime way back in May last year it has become Monsters choice of bedtime book, in fact he can pretty much quote it word for word which is very cute indeed!

Lunchtime is a beautifully written and fabulously illustrated book which when coupled with both mine and daddy monsters ‘animal voices’ (don’t ask) captures the little man’s imagination and makes him giggle with glee.

Whilst the beautiful book makes the Monster laugh its yummy looking food makes my belly grumble which leads me to the question what does a super talented author who’s  food illustrations make my belly rumble eat at Lunchtime?

Let’s hear from the lady herself


“Today I had one of my favourite things for lunch – cheese on toast. I like eating it with these salad leaves because they look really pretty and colourful and I feel like they go some way to making up for the large amounts of chocolate I seem to eat when I am working. I have unfortunately run out of chocolate today so I am eating the next best thing, an apple, instead. My favourite drink is hot water. I know this sounds slightly odd but I have never liked tea or coffee, but don’t like missing out on having comforting hot drinks; so hot water is the perfect answer. Luckily Crocodile, Bear and Wolf have gone away for a few days to visit a bookshop, so I was able to eat all my lunch myself…”


“One day,Hannah at Macmillan Children’s Books made some gingerbread bear biscuits that looked just like the bear in Lunchtime. They were amazing!”


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