Learning Resources Snap-n-Learn Counting Elephants Review


Learning Resources Snap-n-Learn Counting Elephants

So here poses the question- how much fun can little monsters have with ten plastic elephants?

My Answer- more than you can imagine.

Monster was lucky enough to be sent a tub of 10 colourful counting elephants from the lovely people at Learning Resources and to say that he has spent hours playing with his educational toys would be an understatement!

Learning Resources are award-winning toy manufacturers who make and create educational aids for monsters aged from two to twelve years and whilst most of their customers are teachers they are now receiving lots of order from parents and grandparents alike and if monsters love of his elephants is anything to go by then I can see why!

The Snap-n-Learn Elephants are designed with monsters aged 2-6 years in mind and offer a whole host of educational value and play. The elephants each feature a strong trunk that can be clipped onto the tail of another elephant making them great for both sequencing and hand-eye co-ordination.

The tub features 5 large elephants and 5 small elephant each of which has a number from 1- 10 written clearly on its back thus enabling them to be used to help teach older monsters number recognition and sequencing and whilst monster isn’t quite at the number recognition stage his 4 year old cousin certainly is and absolutely loved playing with the durable elephants.

The elephants come in five bright colours enabling us to play colour identifying and sorting games with the little man who is just starting to recognise and differentiate colours. Seeing the monkey being able to sort out and link up the elephants in colour groups makes me a very proud mummy indeed.

Now I’m not going to lie and say monster doesn’t love to link all of the elephants up and then smash them apart using brute force, after all he is a boy, but the strong elephants are made of tough stuff and as of yet we haven’t had any elephant casualty’s to report of.

 I am mightily impressed with these impressive toys as well as thier hand plastic storage tub and can hand on heart recommend them to anybody with a mini monster who loves to learn. In fact I am that impressed with the Learning Resources Snap-n-Learn Elephants that I’ve added the Learning Resources Snap-n-Learn Shape Butterflies to the monsters Santa list!

Price at £16.74 the Snap-n-Learn Elephants would make a fabulous educational addition to any Santa list!

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