Introducing the AEG Ultracaptic (Review)

I am ecstatic to announce that we have been lucky enough to be asked to put AEG’s brand new  Ultracaptic Animal  vacuum cleaner through its paces for the next few weeks and let you lovely lot know how we’re getting on so please let me introduce you to the AEG Ultracaptic Animal.

This sunshine yellow lean, mean, vacuuming machine looks like a bit of a superstar vacuum cleaner from the off and with a whole host of fab looking features I have a feeling that we might become firm friends .

However before we solidify our friendship by cleaning the house from top to bottom I thought it was best I checked out what’s in the box so if you’re interested in what you get for your pennies then check out our AEG Ultrcaptic, what’s in the box video below but be warned I’m a northern girl with a very northern accent to boot!

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