Graco Contour Storage Travel Cot Review

You may well have seen that we are very happy to be Graco ambassadors 2012/2013 which allows us to try out a selection of Graco products and report back to you lovely lot how we get on.

Our latest Graco product, the Graco Contour Storage travel cot headed straight over to my gorgeous nieces’ house to get put through its paces by the tiny terror and her mummy and here’s how they got on.

Whilst our little monkey is only just 4 months old I know the time will come when she’ll need a travel cot for sleepovers at her grandparent’s houses and with her long legs and love of space to move about her Moses basket simply doesn’t suffice so I was delighted to be able to choose a Graco travel cot to try out with her.

After a good look around the Graco website I finally settled on the Graco Contour Storage due to its vast array of features and stylish looking design and eagly awaited its shiny new arrival.

On opening the fairly heavy box it was clear to see that the travel cot is fairly chunky and on lifting it out it it’s whole 12.97KG weight could certainly be felt however with its handy travel bag complete with carry handle along with 2 sturdy wheels I can’t see it being too much of a problem to move about as and when required.

The first challenge was to put the travel cot up which was made a little difficult as there are no words on the instruction just a selection of pictures which are quite difficult to understand. Personally think the odd word or two would make the whole process quicker, easier and a whole less stressful to boot however after a little bit of playing and a good few practices we are now king and queen of travel cot putting upping!!!

Measuring in at H92 x W73 x D104 cm  when opened the Graco Contour Storage travel cot  is really quite roomy without being too big that it takes up too much space has lots of lovely looking features including

• A bassinet mattress which can vibrate gently to soothe the baby

• Detachable control box for night light, music and vibrations – fab for keeping her quite for

• Removable changing table and toy bar

• As well as additional removable storage

Both the music and the vibrations from the bassinet mattress seemed to really settle the mini monster and certainly saved my arms from having to gently rock her especially now she is getting that bit heavier.As the vibrations  gently soothed the mini monster she couldn’t take her eyes off the toys hanging from the overhead toy bar and as soon as she is that bit bigger I’m sure they will be getting a good bashing!

It should be noted that the raised bassinet mattress should not be used once monsters can sit up, kneel or pull themselves up, at this point you simply take it out and can continue to use the travel cot without it.

Whilst the girlie loved the pretty features I absolutely loved the practicality of having the inbuilt storage. The storage pockets are plenty big enough to keep  both nappies and  clothing tidied up and out of the way and also allowed me to be able to find everything I need at a seconds glance which is you’re as sleep deprived as I am at the minute is a blessing in itself! The storage can be removed as your monster gets a bit bigger to create extra room allowing the travel cot to grow with your child.


The removable changing table is another lovely  feature which I think would make being away from home that bit easier and whilst the monkey seems perfectly comfortable getting changed on it it’s a bit of a pain to have to take it off when she is in the travel cot.

All in all I am certainly impressed with the Graco Contour Storage travel cot, it’s a lovely design which is neutral in colour (just in case my other half agrees to any more mokeys), spacious enough to allow plenty of room for growing without taking up too much space, has enough storage to stop the floor being swamped in nappies and clothing and  features plenty of things to keep the little monkey entertained. Admittedly it has a few faults, the instruction booklet being my biggest bug bear along with the fact that it is pretty heavy to carry but it does fold up to an adequate size for storing and fits into the boot of our Ford Focus with ease.

Suitable for babies aged 0-3 years and with an RRP of around £140 the Graco Contour Storage travel cot is a tad more expensive than other travel cots  on the market but it’s spaciousness and features mean that I can see us using this travel cot for a long time to come.

For Full details check out the Graco Uk website



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