Cosatto Zoomi 1-2-3 Vroom Review

As part of our on-going Cosatto Buddy reviews we have been sent a Cosatto Zoomi car seat in the very funky ‘Vroom’ design to take a peek at.

The Cosatto Zoomi is a forward facing group 1-2-3 car seat meaning it’s suitable for monsters weighing from 9  to 36KG which roughly equates to 9 months right up until approx. 11 years  so if you’re looking for a car seat which will grow with your monster and therefore see you over a long period of time this may just be the one for you.

Cosatto are famous for their bright colours and pretty designs and the Cosatto Zoomi 1-2-3 in Vroom is certainly no exception to the rule. The grey upholstery looks gorgeous against the pillar box red edging whilst the funky bright yellow harness ties in beautifully with the bright red tummy and chest pads and all this prettiness is before you even consider the fab reversible liner which features very cool white and yellow car appliques on one side and a solid red fabric on the other ,the Vroom Zoomi really is a lovely looking seat.

As Monster is just 2 ½ we have been testing out the Zoomi in Stage 1 and have found it fairly simple to fit using a 3-point seatbelt, yes isofix would be a lovely addition but as it only takes a couple of minute to fasten the seat in securely it  isn’t really a problem.

Measuring in at a fairly chunky L: 70cm W: 46cm D: 44cm the Cosatto Zoomi may take up a little additional room on the back seat but there is most certainly plenty of room for growing and no squishing of my 2 1/2 year old monster is required even when he’s wearing his thick winter coat which is very handy especially when nipping from a to b.

The zoomi has all of the standard features which you would expect from a stage 1 car seat including side impact protection, thick chest and tummy pads and a strong 5 point harness complete with a chunky fastening clasp not to mention washable covers which if you have a messy monster like mine is a definite must have. Along with the standard features there are also some fab additional extras such as the easy to adjust head rest and thick reversible liner which not only looks good but also ensures that Monster is comfy and cosy even on longer car journeys.

We have been using the Cosatto Zoomi for a few weeks now and Monsters seems more than happy to sit in his funky car seat however the one thing I do think that the Zoomi really misses is a recline feature as Monster often naps during long journeys and a lack of recline means that his head can sometimes flop forward. This being said I have had no problems in either fitting the seat in stage one or fastening and more importantly keeping the monster fastened into the strong 5 point harness both of which are normally a task and a half for this stressed out mummy.

The Cosatto Zoomi 1-2-3- car seat in Vroom comes retails at around £100 and comes complete with brilliant 4 year guarantee (UK and Ireland only)  and can be purchased from Cosatto’s online store.


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