Chicco Talking Mechanic Review

Have you heard of Chicco, a very cool and colourful company who create fab products for monsters ages 0-2 years?

This fab company have some absolutely gorgeous interactive toys  on the market for monsters this Christmas and my monster was lucky enough to be sent a Chicco Talking Mechanic toy to play with.

The chunky colourful toy is aimed at monsters aged 2 years + and has over 50 songs, jingles, quizzes and sounds to play with – no chance of monster getting bored or mummy ‘accidentally’ removing the batteries when monster isn’t looking then!

Monster absolutely loves anything with wheels; cars, trains, planes you name it and it’s probably zooming around my front room before bouncing off my newly painted skirting boards as we speak so he was a very excited little boy when he spotted his Chicco Talking Mechanic on the kitchen table.

So what does the Chicco Talking Mechanic toy do?

The funky toy is perfect for mechanics in the making and comes complete with a plastic screwdriver and spanner to help your little one ‘fix’ it up. Featuring 7 engine buttons and 3 play modes the toy certainly has a lot to offer. The first mode allows little ones to explore the engine and all of its sounds by encouraging monsters to press the buttons and use the tools whilst the second mode is a learning mode which tells monsters about each part of the engine and explains what it does. Finally the third play mode is quiz mode and sets riddles for monster to solve such as “Find the engine part that is rectangular”.

Another cool feature is the cars number plate which can be pressed to play an alphabet and numbers song which I think will help the little man to develop over the coming months. If all this isn’t enough for you then the car can also be switched over to perform all of its functions in French making this a truly bilingual toy to.

Whilst monster loves the fact that his funky car speaks to him I would say that he is maybe a little too young for all of its functions as he is not at an age where he can understand complex instructions and complicated words such as rectangular therefore I would say that the toy is more suited to an older monster maybe 3+ however that doesn’t stop him whizzing it around the room and giggling as we whizz it back to him.

Priced at £24.99 the Chicco Talking Mechanic is a pretty chunky fellow, is perfect for miniature hands and well equipped for rough play which is always good when the little monster is on a mission of destruction.

Check out the Chicco website for a list of stockists in your area

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