Butterfly Twists Review


Are you on the lookout for a stocking filler for that special lady if your family? Then check out Butterfly Twists, luxury ballerina pumps with a difference.

This trendy brand was launched in 2009 by four close male  friends who saw a niche in the market and my gosh these brilliant boys have filled it!

So picture this; you’ve been dancing the night away in your killer heals (a rarity in this house but it does happen) and your feet are throbbing in pain- what do you do?

If you’re like me then the pain gets all too much so you pop off your pretty heels and end up sticking to the dirty floor. Well you see that’s where Butterfly Twist shoes really come into their own. These stylish pumps use a concoction of secret ingredients to make the soles super flexible, so much so that they can be folded in half and popped into your bag for those painful killer heals moment – Butterfly twists to the rescue!!!

Whilst being ultra-practical these pretty little shoes are also really comfy too. Now I am the first to admit that I have fat feet, I think the technical term is wide but fat suits me just fine, but these pretty ballerina style pumps are wide enough to accommodate my chucky feet without cutting of my circulation or causing me any discomfort what so ever which is great news.

Whilst completely flexible the soles of these clever shoes are thick enough to ensure that they are comfortable to wear for long periods and what’s more they have enough grip to prevent me from falling on my bum and that’s before a few drinks!

I have been using the shoes for just over a week and I am really impressed with their comfort, style and practicability, they are without doubt a must have handbag item for the fast approaching festive season.

Priced between £19.99 and £29.99 these stylish ballerina pumps come in a wide variety of both colours and styles and are available to purchase from both the Butterfly Twist website and high street show shop Office.


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