Britax B-Agile or Baby Jogger City Mini

It’s no secret that I absolutely love my Baby Jogger City Mini so when Pushchair Trader asked us to review the Britax B-Agile I was ecstatic but a little nervous that it wouldn’t be able to compete with my beloved and reliable Baby Jogger.
Well I’ve been testing out the B-Agile for a few weeks now and in all honesty I can’t decide which one I prefer. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and if I could combine the two and make a Super stroller I would.
I thought that the best thing to do is to give you a complete and thorough comparison and let you decide for yourself as at the end of the day we all have different preferences and what is best for one person isn’t necessarily best for another.
So let’s start with the overall look of the pushchair.
The Fabrics

The B-Agile comes in two colours Chilli Pepper Red and Black Thunder whilst the BJCM come in a whole host of colours ranging from stone (cringe- no way would I put dirty shoes anywhere near a cream seat) to red and of course purple. Now the fabrics are completely different and both have pros and cons.

The B-Agile is made from a very soft brushed cotton type fabric which makes it ultra-comfy and beautiful to look at but I have noticed that it seems to attract the dust and marks easily so I have to regular give it a clean down to keep it in a great condition. Initially I was also a little worried about getting the fabric wet as it looked as though it wouldn’t be able to withstand the water but thankfully this isn’t the case. It dries quickly and looks as good as new.
The BJCM is made from a waterproof fabric which is great to hold off those showers and very easy to wipe down should it get dirty. The actual seat is made from a strong and durable cotton fabric.The only problem is that it doesn’t seem half as snuggly as the B-Agile’s fabric.
The Hood

It is no secret that the BJCM has a huge hood, in fact it is so large that there’s no need to use a parasol. The B-Agile’s hood is much smaller but it does have something a little different about it. The material on the B-Agile can be unzipped to reveal a netted segment which aids ventilation and allows the hood to be extended. It’s a great idea but I love the hood on the BJCM and what’s more so does Charlie.
There are 2 viewing flaps on the BJCM which can be rolled out of the way and secured using the Velcro tabs whilst the B-Agile has 1 viewing flap and no way of securing it so it can blow shut on a windy day.
The frame
The differences here are obvious, the frame on the BJCM is silver whist the B-Agile sports a sexy black frame which I love. I honestly think the colour of a frame either makes or breaks the overall look of a pushchair and the red seat until on the black frame looks beautiful.

The handle height of the BJCM is 107cm whilst the B-Agile is 100cm so there is a fair difference there. Personally I am only 5ft 1 and when I first got the BJCM it did seem a little high but after a couple of weeks you just get used to it. On the other hand Paul’s sister is 5ft 11 and she commented that the B-Agile felt a little low for her so that would definitely be a personal preference. The handle is made from foam on the B-Agile and rubber on the BJCM. Personally I prefer a rubber handle as I always worry that a foam handle may get caught and tear.

The Seat Unit
Hands down I much prefer the B-Agile’s seat unit as it’s padded and a good few Centimetres wider than the BJCM. It also has a solid back which pre 2011 BJCM’s don’t. This provides support for your little ones back and ensure that little monsters can sit bolt upright when the seat unit is fully up.
The Harness
The B-Agile has a 5-point seat harness and has 3 height adjustments whilst the BJCM has the same 5-point harness but there are 5 height adjustments to choose from. To secure the B-Agiles harness straps you have to thread them through the seat unit (see pic) whist the BJCM’s harness straps attach to the front of the seat on a swivel clip using one of the 5 loops.

As the straps on the BJCM are able to swivel it can make it difficult to stop them from twisting when you are trying to fasten your baby in. The B-Agile doesn’t have this niggly problem and you can fasten you monster in with ease. The harness pads are much thicker on the B-Agile too.

The Recline

Both pushchairs have multi-position seat reclines and can be laid completely flat. The only thing that is really different is the mechanism which controls the recline. Both mechanisms are easy to recline but it is a little difficult to pop the seat back up on the  B-Agile especially with a heavy toddler in there. One thing which is good about the mechanism on the B-Agile is that the straps can be slotted through a loop on the back of the seat to stop them from hitting against your legs as you walk.

I have read on so many sites how hard the BJCMs basket is to access but due to its elasticated back I have never found this an issue. The basket on the BJCM is much deeper than that of the B-Agile and it seems like your shopping would be very secure in it. The basket on the  B-Agile is much more open although you would be able to fit bulkier items in there. The B-Agile’s basket also has a reinforced base making sure that your shopping is protected when going up and down kerbs etc.

Both pushchairs also have an additional storage pocket. The BJCM has a large netted basket on the back of the seat which provides plenty of room for all those added extras that you need close to hand although this is only fastened using an elasticated top so I wouldn’t  recommend putting valuables in there. The B-Agile has a large zipped pocket which is located on the back of the hood. This pocket is secured using a zip so is safer to pop your valuables in however it isn’t suitable for bulkier items as they would stretch the fabric.

The Break

The break on the BJCM has always been one of the biggest bug bears for me. I can put it on no problem but taking it off is a different story all together. It is defiantly not a flip-flop friendly break and to be honest I’m lucky if I don’t take the paintwork of my boots when I try to do it. On the other hand the  B-Agiles break is flip-flop friendly and so easy to put on and off its untrue
Wheels and Suspension

I have the 3 wheeler BJCM although I am aware that there is now a 4 wheel model available. The 3 wheels on the BJCM are roughly the same size and there is an option to have the front wheel either fixed or free to swivel. The back two wheels on the B-Agile are much larger than the front two and again the front wheels have a fixed or swivel option.
I have taken both pushchairs on the exact same walk- Up and down kerbs, on footpaths, through the woods, over the cobbles, onto the sand and in and out of shops and in my opinion the Britax B-Agile handled it slightly better than the BJCM. I think the fact that it is a 4 wheeler makes it that bit sturdier especially when going up and down high kerbs and the Britax B-Agile’s suspension is much better than the BJCM’s. Don’t get me wrong I adore both pushchairs and they are both comfy rides for my little boy but on this walk the B-Agile topped the BJCM.
The Fold
Both pushchairs have a simple one handed fold which is exceptionally handy when you are trying to hold a baby in one hand and a pushchair in the other. The BJCM has safety straps that have to be un-popped and then you simply pull the handle in the middle of the seat which folds the pushchair. The B-Agile has a small grey safety button on the side of the frame that you press in and up and then again you just pull the handle in the middle of the seat to fold. The folds on both are so simple and practical although there are a couple of significant differences.


The B-Agile has a grey safety catch which automatically secures the frame and keeps it together when it is folded which is fantastic when you are on and off public transport or trying to put it in you boot without scratching the paintwork.
When folded the B-Agile is a little bigger than the BJCM although you can remove the large back wheels at the click of a button to make it a little more compact.
Here are both Pushchairs in the boot of a Vauxhall Vectra
I’m sure you can see for yourself that there are pros and cons for each pushchair and a lot of them will come down to your personal preferences.
In a perfect world I would choose the following bits from each pushchair
Fabrics – A little bot of both
I would love a soft and snuggly fabric that didn’t attract the dirt
Hood – BJCM
Frame – B-Agile
Seat Unit – B-Agile
Harness –B-Agile
Recline – BJCM
Storage- Both very similar
Break – B-Agile
Wheels and Suspension- B-Agile
Fold- BJCM as it is more compact
At the minute I haven’t decided which pushchair I prefer does anybody else have a preference????


If I haven’t covered a question that you would like to know the answer to then please feel free to leave me a comment and I will answer it as best I can.
Nicola x


  1. shirley kay says:

    ive been looking at the b-agile 4 for my daughter and reading this has realy made me want 1 more, i have also read they do an all terrain kit for the b-agile 4, so making me want one even more as it would be like having 2 pushchairs in 1 :)

    • monstersfunhouse says:

      We still use our Britax most days but I haven’t seen the all terrain kit- I think I NEED to check it out!

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