Bigjigs Toys Animal Sorting Puzzle Review

Play Patrol Agent ready and reporting for duty… attention!!!

As you may have seen we are very excited to be part of the Bigjigs Toys Play Patrol team and Monster is certainly looking forward to putting fun to the test whilst checking out some of the gorgeous, colourful and ethical toys created and produced by Bigjigs Toys.

Monsters first mission was to see how much fun could be had with the Bigjigs Toys Farm Animal Shape Sorter and this Play Patrol Agent was ready and raring to go!

Now when I hear the word puzzle and Monster in the same sentence it makes me shudder, you see Monster is a super active toddler and getting him to sit still long enough to eat his dinner is a task and a half never mind trying to get him to settle down and concentrate on a puzzle however from the moment he set eyes on the traditional style wooden puzzle he was intrigued.

The Bigjigs Toys Farm Animal Shape Sorter features four colourful animals including a pig, sheep, horse, chicken and a cow each of which is made up of chunky wooden and colourful shapes which are a great size for mini hands to pick up and slot into place.

Now on first inspection you may, like me, be fooled into thinking  that this durable puzzle is just that, a funky shape sorting puzzle but as Monster  played it was clear to see that this wooden puzzle has so much more to offer. From animal, colour and shape recognition to counting and stacking skills there is certainly a whole heap more fun to be had than first meets the eye and more play potential that I thought possible from a simple puzzle.

Like I said the little man is not known for his concentration skills but this is the first  puzzle he has actually wanted to sit down and play with and the little dude has had lots of fun counting the shapes and telling me all about each colour before slotting them into place and of course tipping them all back out again!

Maybe it was the crazy animal noises that he MADE mummy make each time he got a piece in the right place of maybe it was the fact that the puzzle wasn’t overly difficult which gave him a sense of achievement and therefore captured his interest but whatever it is the Bigjigs Animal Sorting Puzzle has certainly been given a huge thumbs up by this Play Patrol Agent!

Priced at just £10.99 and aimed at Monsters aged 2 years plus this tradition style wooden puzzle is a great buy and would make a perfect present for any troublesome toddler.

You can check out the entire Bigjigs Toys range here.

One thought on “Bigjigs Toys Animal Sorting Puzzle Review

  1. That is a gorgeous puzzle – brilliant for teaching shapes and tessellations :)

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