Astronaut Super Soaking Water Blaster Review

Monster absolutely loves being outdoors and with the sun making a guest appearance over the bank holiday weekend there was no excuses not to head out to the garden and check out the Astronaut Space Pack Water Blaster that he’d recently been sent by Maps Toys.

This super soaking water blaster is by far one of the coolest water blasters I have ever seen and featuring a super cute back pack or should I say ‘Space Pack’ which has the capacity to hold a lot more water than your average water blaster along with a lightweight water gun which with the touch of a trigger can shoot water in two directions you’ll certainly need to run fast to get out of its 30ft shooting range!

The Astraught Space pack seemed like a perfect toy for Monster who thanks to a love of Toy Story has become a tad ‘space mad’ at the minute and from his excited little face it looked like it was going to go down a storm.

Before the little man could check it out our first task was to connect the ‘space back’ and the water gun together using the plastic tubing and whilst it seemed like a simple task it was a tad awkward to ensure that the tubing connected to the space pack without leaking but after a few minutes it was good to go.

As predicted monster loved his new super soaking water blaster and spent a good two hours in the garden soaking anybody who came within 30ft of him, poor Grandad Monster was soaked to the bone by the time he’d finished but I reckon that’s his own fault for not running fast enough!

Whilst the Astronaut Space Pack is recommended for Monsters aged 5 years+ my 2 ½ year old had absolutely no problems in carrying the pack on his back and qas certainly able to pull the trigger with ease (grandad can vouch for that).

 The little man loves the super soaker water blaster and thanks to the fairly large and easy to fill space pack I can get out in the garden and play with him rather than having to constantly stand by the tap waiting to fill it up again and again and again…… .

Whilst the Astronaut Space Pack is a fab water blaster I’d love to see a better connection between the space pack and the tubing as it can occasionally drip causing the little man’s back to get slightly damp, not that he seemed too fussed.

Price at around £12.00 The Astronaut Space Pack Super Soaking Water Blaster has been a big hit here, yes it has the slight fault of an occasional drip but Monster has had so much fun with it that it didn’t seem to be a huge detriment to us.

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