AEG UltraCaptic- Challenge 4

AEG UtraCaptic Review

For the past month we have been putting the AEG through its cleaning paces and I think it’s fair to say that it has taken everything we’ve thrown at it extremely well.

We’ve check out what’s in the box, filmed a short video about how to pop the UltraCaptic together, had an in-depth look at its extensive list of features and told you all about our first impressions of this stylish vacuum cleaner.

The lovely people from AEG have set  challenges along the way which has seen us creating 3 short videos including a look at the UltraCaptics brilliant Compact, Remove and Go! Emptying system, hosting a dinner party-Monster style and of course sprucing up our home in the quickest time possible.

Well our time as AEG UltraCaptic testers is quickly coming to an end but before it does AEG have sent us one final challenge – to clean all of those unusual places –how hard can it be?

Yet again the AEG UltraCaptic has succeeded with an A*.

As I’ve said before my only niggle with the AEG UltraCaptic is its 6.9kg weight but if that’s the only thing I have in my negative column then I think that’s pretty amazing to say the least.

AEG UltraCaptic Ucanimal

We have absolutely loved our time as AEG UltraCaptic testers and the whole family has joined in on the cleaning action so we’d like to say a huge thank you to AEG for selecting us as one of their 10 testers and now all we have to do is keep everything crossed that we have worked hard enough to be crowned the newest AEG ambassadors.

Wish us luck!

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